Inspiring places at Enghave plads in Copenhagen

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While Emili is in London, I?ve got the exciting opportunity to be the guest blogger here at her lovely blog! When I?m not writing here, I?m busy with my own project SPIN, a website (and now also a blog!) with interviews with people and their own businesses. The idea is that these hopefully will spin the inspiration further and give some encouragement to people that want to start up their own projects and businesses.
But now to Copenhagen, the city that I have just moved to! I live with my boyfriend (who?s Danish) in Vesterbro. I?m from Sweden, but have mostly been living in Edinburgh the last years, although, I spent last semester in Istanbul. Now I?m 24 years old, and have an internship at a Landscape Architecture firm here in Copenhagen.

While I?ve been living in different cities I have noticed that many people often know their own cities very well ? but at the same time they don?t. Not many of us have time to just stroll around in different neighbourhoods while discovering new places in our own city. It?s a shame, since it?s one of the best things to do!

So in this post I want to encourage all of you to discover your own city! To find new streets, cafés and much more. Many of my friends that don?t live here at Vesterbro, have told me that they usually don?t spend so much time here. Therefore, I thought that I could share some wonderful places from Enghave plads, where is close to my home I live in. It has a great sense of community and lots of small and inspiring shops and cafés. I hope these will not only inspire you to visit the area around Enghave plads, if you haven?t already been here, but also to discover other areas ? in Copenhagen or somewhere else. You never know what treasures you will find! So, let me introduce you to some of my favorites here;

 photo Bageri.jpg photo Bageri2.jpg

The place to go to if you want delicious cinnamon buns, bread and more. In the reflection in the window you get a glimpse of one of many art works along the green fence to the construction site for the metro station. The small but cosy bakery is always busy in the mornings and in the weekends. I love the smell of freshly baked bread when I pass by Brød on my way to work in the mornings.

Cool & Cosy
 photo Coolampcozy.jpg

This is the shop that has all the things that you are craving for at the moment when it comes to decoration for your home. We bought our fig tree and some lovely pots here. It?s also a great place to buy your own composed bouquet here. Since the woman that owns the shop is such a warm and lovely person, you kind of want to have an excuse to come by here, just to get to chat with her for a bit on your Saturday walk.

Enghave café
 photo Enghavekafe.jpg photo enghavekafe2.jpg photo cafesnork.jpg

There are many cafés in this neighbourhood but this is one of my favourites. The coffee is great and I love the darker colour scheme they have used in their decoration. Even the paper cups for coffee have such a lovely dark and dim colour. Oh, too late for coffee? Well then, enjoy a beer in the evening sun now in the autumn across the street, at café Snork.

The streets
 photo street1-1.jpg photo thestreet2.jpg

I love when art and trees take over some spaces in our cities (after all, I?m a landscape architecture student?). Don?t you think some more one-way streets should have big trees like this in the middle?

All places are located at Enghave Plads or Dybbølsgade except the street tree and the painting on the wall. These you?ll have to discover on your own;)


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