Inspiring places at Enghave plads in Copenhagen

When you need some magic in your life

Hope you?re having a wonderful monday! If you missed yesterday?s post, then you may not know who I am, the guest blogger over the weekend here at Emili?s lovely blog. I?m a Swedish 24-year old landscape architecture student that has an internship here in Copenhagen for a year. When, I?m not working, I?m busy with my website SPIN, where I share interviews with inspiring people and their businesses.

Yesterday, I was writing about discovering your own city to find new interesting and inspiring places. Today, I?m going to share some favourite places from a city that is perfect for a weekend away ? when you feel it?s time to get some new inspiration. The place I?m thinking of is the capital of Scotland ? Edinburgh. The beautiful and friendly city has been my home for three years. If I only had one word to describe Edinburgh with, I would choose the word magical. If you need some magic in your life, this is the place to go to.

Since 7 is a magical number, I have selected 7 reasons why Edinburgh is a magical city;

 photo Edinburghcastle.jpg
The city has a castle on a hill.

 photo thelight.jpg photo thelight2.jpg
There?s something special with the light in this city ? it?s just amazing. It?s like it?s bright and subtle at the same time.

 photo landscapemuseum.jpg
Outside the fantastic Gallery of Modern Art, the landscape architect Charles Jencks has made this wonderful land art sculpture.

 photo WaterofLeith.jpg
The city has it?s own secret pathways. Instead of going along busy streets to go to the Gallery of Modern Art, take the wonderful path along Water of Leith instead.

In the autumn, there is often a fog across the park the Meadows that makes the city look even more mysterious. Although, sometimes, the fog is instead created by all the barbequing students?

 photo Lovecrumbs.jpg
The coffee and the cafés. When I was living in Istanbul, it took me such a long time to find a café with really good coffee. In Edinburgh, I know where to go to get that really good cappuccino. Brew Lab, Freemans and Lovecrumbs are the places to hang out at in the city. The café Lovecrumbs is actually started by two inspiring women ? Rachel and Hollie. If you want to read more about them you should check out the interview that I have made with them at SPIN here.

 photo Arthursseat.jpg
Edinburgh has it?s own mountain (Arthur?s seat) in the middle of the city. How could this not create a magical atmosphere?

This is all for me now, thank you so much Emili for letting me be guest blogging here! If you want to read some more interviews, check out SPIN here
Have a wonderful monday everyone!

Brew Lab, 6-8 South College Street
Edinburgh Castle, Castle hill/Royal Mile
Freemans, Spottiswoode Rd, Edinburgh
Lovecrumbs, 155 West Port, Edinburgh
Arthur Seat (the mountain), it?s possible to walk up to the top from many directions, check a map and see which is closest to you!
Gallery of Modern Art, 75 Belford Road
Path along Water of Leith to Gallery of Modern Art; Start the walk from where Hawthornbank Ln meets Damside.

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Inspiring places at Enghave plads in Copenhagen